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Urrgh.. I hate hospital............!!!

My bruised arm with all the needles mark...........

I have been in and out of hospital these few months due to my ill health. My most recent ones few days ago ( a day before Valentine's day) was a torturous and unforgetable experience. I have been having chest discomfort for the past few days. So on that morning when I was feeling dizzy with a blood pressure shooting up to nearly 200 ( normal 120) I admitted myself to this private hospital for a thorough checkup. First, a big needle was prick into my vein for some intravenous glucose transfusion which I do not need later but the needle stays there til I was discharge.

An hour later the physician call up the cardiologist to check my heart as my heartbeat was still going like 100rpm ( normal 60). Before I could even rest on the hospital bed and also miss my breakfast I was wheel downstairs again for more test feeling cold and hungry. Then the cardiologist suggest I do the treadmill after seeing my not too good ECG results. What? walking on treadmill with my 2 damage and stiff ankles? My cardiologist assured me that it will be specially modulated for me. Good then, I had my first try with all the wires attached to my chest. The nurse nearly had a heart attack seeing me struggling at my first attempt. She aborted the test. The suprise cardiologist could not believe I could not walk so he frighten me into a second attempt saying I might have to go for the angiogram if I could not do the stress test.

After feeling my empty stomach with a sandwich and a hot drink to calm my nerves, I went for my second attempt which shows some results. After lunch with a bowl of hospital porridge, the nurses came to find more veins to prick to prepare me for a heart scan giving more sores and painful moments.

Lying for hours in the X ray room with wires fixed over my chest from the pulse monitor I could hear my own heart thumping away. The nurses waiting for it to slow down after making me swallow a bitter pill to lower my blood pressure. Next, pricking for the right vein again after a few attempts to pump in some color dye for the scanning. Then, more injection of medication for allergy through another vein. I was a frighten vegetable by the time I was ready for scanning. But I got through without fainting but still with some allergic reaction which calls for another injection of medication.

After all these test all I got was a healthy heart with no blockage which I am thankful for and some bruise needle marks and a blue black spot where the wrong vein was being prick by a careless nurse. The end result is that I suffer from gastric reflux which only needs medication to treat it.


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